Birthday Surprise for Dad's 80th!

Siblings, Julie & Brian commissioned Ed to create a portrait of them, together with their spouses as a surprise 80th Birthday gift for their Dad. Dad, who resides in Florida, politely informed his kids he did not want any more knickknacks and their visit to celebrate his birthday was more than enough. Julie had seen Ed's display several years earlier at an MSPCA auction and it was her idea to have a portrait made for Dad. We were so impressed with the great brother/sister relationship that Julie & Brian shared and how wonderfully both couples got along with each other. We meet so many wonderful people in this great business of ours and we feel so honored when we’re asked to create a portrait as a gift for parents. Whenever Ed creates a surprise gift portrait; we always wish we could be there to see the reaction of the gift recipient. While this isn't possible, Julie made us feel like we were part of the experience through her beautifully written words expressed in her lovely thank-you note, along with a photo depicting the gift portraits place of honor in Dad's home. The following is an excerpt from Julie's note: "Thank you so much for the beautiful photographs you took of us! My father was very surprised by our gifts. He loved the big picture of all of us - but he was teary eyed when he saw the smaller one with just me and Brian. The little picture was on his desk in his office the next morning. The big picture also found a home very quickly. He rearranged some pictures he has and it is hanging right next to a picture of my Mom. He can see both from his office where he spends most of his time.I can honestly say that no other presents we've given him found places of honor that fast! Eric's Dad also loved the one of us. He stared at it all afternoon when we gave it to him(even though he had the live subjects there with him)! Thank you for making us all feel so welcome and comfortable."  We thank you Julie & Eric and Karen & Brian for choosing Ed Pedi Photography to preserve this special portrait memory for all of you; it was truly our privilege and honor... 

                                                                                               "Dad's 80th Birthday Gift"

                                                                                      "Dad's Family Portrait Gallery"


                                  Siblings - Julie & Brian                                                                  Sisters-in-Law - Julie & Karen


                                        Julie & Eric                                                                       Brian & Karen

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